One of my favourite production companies in Cape Town has a new showreel

If you have ever done any work with Motion City Films you will know the name Daddy. He is the fatherly cog in a production company that comprises several talented filmmakers (I’m looking at you Helen) who understand the intricacies of different content – TVCs, music videos and online narrative / the stuff that has that ‘viral’ ingredient. Each genre requires something different and not a lot of people have that x factor to make content work across so many different platforms.

You have seen Motion City Films in action on several projects that we have been involved in.

They produced epic content for last year’s Put Foot Rally here:

Goosebump inducing Run2Stop video here:

Now they have released their latest showreel. I hope you appreciate the calibre of work they have produced over the past year 😉

Motion City Films /// Showreel 2013 from Motion City Films on Vimeo.

Follow them on Twitter – @motioncityfilms. Do it now!


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