From fatlete to athlete

I’m on a mission to cut the corporate calories I have accrued over the past three and a bit years. Damn I love alliteration. Anyhoo, so I’ve entered the Half Ironman in January  and based on the three disciplines of swim, cycle, run, it is the second one that intimidates me the most.

Cycling has this aura about it. Words like ‘Prawn’, ‘peloton’, and ‘PEDALING’ are some of my greatest barriers to entry to cycling anything bar a little, black, plastic two-wheeler.

Fortunately, I have been chatting to the guys from Complete Cyclist who both race professionally and take the time to embrace the novices out there. They have provided me with some gems to make my transition into the sport a little easier:

1. 90% of getting into cycling is looking the part – check


those thighs were built for the uphill

2. Ensure you have a padded pair of cycling shorts and shammy cream. Apply liberally. Everywhere – check


3. Train in ‘The Cradle’ at the weekend. Make sure you take Instagrams from ‘The Cradle’ so there is proof you were awake at 7am while all the other fatties were having a lie in and a rusk on a Sunday – check

The cradle


4. Make sure you remove your helmet, cleats, and any other articles of cycling gear before having breakfast in Parkhurst to avoid being referred to as ‘prawn’ – check


Mike Hewan from Complete Cyclist gives us advice on how to get setup on your bike. CC has a JHB and CT presence, so chat to them if you are keen to get your bum on a bike, without been judged or fleeced because – like me – you have no idea what you are actually doing. Find them on Twitter or Facebook, too 😉



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