In the past month I have forced my bum onto a bike saddle – at least once every weekend – and huffed and puffed my way around the Cradle. I have fallen off once by being a moose and not being able to get my feet out of my pedals in time for a stop – my leg bled HARD. I looked hardcore, or probably like a newb to the rest of the racing snakes out there – whatevz.

I still haven’t learnt to cycle and drink from my water bottle, simultaneously – I’m that bad at multi-tasking. I still need to learn the intricacies of tyre changing. But I am getting fitter, and faster. I’ve also managed to drop 5kgs by running once or twice a week in conjunction with the cycling and been more conscious about what I stuff in my FACE and when. It feels good to be able to shoehorn myself into the new Woolies’ range of pastel jeans 😉

The team at Complete Cyclist , Muz, Hobbo and Gary are my offline partners and support team, but digitally I have Strava / @strava to thank for tracking my progress through this arduous journey – leading up to 70.3 in January 2014.

Strava is not just another social network. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your workouts for both cycling and running and the awesome thing is that because there are so many South Africans on the platform already, these early adopters have mapped out certain routes, named them and you automatically compete with them on a digital leader board to see how you have fared against the best. Needless to say, Daryl Impey is the King of the Mountain on most of the routes I have travelled to date.

For all of the abuse I have hurled behind the backs of prawns in the past, I can truly say that I am becoming addicted to the clear head time and rush of the downhill associated with this remarkable sport. I found this guy’s story on YouTube and it’s definitely worth a watch re Strava, cycling, and the transformation of a once fatlete into an Ironman…

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