Voting for Converse’s #Play100Club is aaaaalmost closed. You have until next Friday to make sure we’re sending SA’s BEST to play at London’s iconic 100 Club, Daisies in Darling, and to record at Rubber Tracks in NYC. Also, if you vote, you stand a chance to tag along on the London leg…

I’ve created a Sound Cloud playlist of the top 10 artists:

  • Take a listen
  • Vote for your favourite in one of two ways online: at or on
  • Alternately you can *SMS 45783 with the keyword first: 100club and then Band 1/2/3 etc – they are in the correct order below – *SMS costs R1.50

It’s inspiring to see the diverse, uniquely South African talent that we have in the musical space. Support live music. Amen


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