I’m excited to announce our latest venture – Webfluenti.al – is live, in association with Silver Apple Studios (Dave Philip) and Stratos Capital (Murray Legg).

Webfluential is borne out of the idea that bloggers / influencers should be remunerated for all their blood sweat and tears in building up a community, consumers shouldn’t be duped by reading content that has been paid-for sans disclaimer, brands should be able to connect easier with influencers to buy media directly from them, and PRs should be able to send out product drops and invite influencers to events in an environment where the influencers have opted in.


We have been working with online influencers for more than three years now and we have made a few observations:

  • Industry regulations

Online is the most accurate media in terms of figures. Unlike TV and radio, the numbers can be segmented to the exact unique visitor / viewer of content, yet South Africa still trails the rest of the ‘developed’ world in terms of something as simple as blogger accreditation

  • Followergate

We aren’t afraid of corruption on the Southern tip of Africa nor on social networks. There is a fair amount of individuals who have purchased followers in order to make themselves seem more influential. Even after several ‘well known influencers’ had their whistles blown last year, we continue to see new unknowns with more than 100K followers popping up on the digital scene and we want to eradicate this behaviour

  • Analytics

We still have a long way to go before we have full disclosure in terms of site stats and what ‘real’ traffic looks like but the more transparent we become with our reporting, the more comfortable brands will become investing in digital with – for lack of a better piece of marketing jargon – expectations managed

  • Internet Radio

When a country with approximately 25% internet penetration sees online radio stations launch, and secure more listeners than some of the biggest stations globally, something is fishy. SA’s online figures were dealt a credibility blow last year when sessions were being tracked as individual listeners and numbers were being inflated

These are some of the challenges that SA’s online world has experienced over the past 12 months.

We wanted to connect influencers with brands / media buyers / PR agencies in a more regulated environment.

Peers and influencers are the most trusted sources for online purchasing decisions. Influencers have the ability to affect behaviour ; encourage sales.

According to PWC, This year alone, people around the globe will spend $1.2 trillion online. Interestingly enough, online purchases in Africa will grow by 70% compared to the global average of 23%.

Brands are online, consumers are online, influencers are online so we wanted to combine these elements to support more sales and to create a new revenue stream for influencers who have toiled away creating a community that trusts them. We understand the importance of the influencer, but people have questioned the authenticity of online stats. We want to encourage transparency in terms of analytics and social media figures.

Webfluential facilitates the relationship between the PR agency and the influencer and makes the clear distinction between advertorial and editorial, and in terms of the media buyer / advertiser, Webfluential offers you the opportunity to connect with relevant consumers, via the influencer, by means of paid  media solutions.

Sign up today – we’d love to hear from you and get your feedback http://webfluenti.al or here if you’re an influencer ; Twitter – @webfluenti_al ; Facebook – facebook.com/webfluential


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