Capetonians queued for months in rain, sleet and sunshine outside the BK lounge (as Dane Cook so eloquently names it) in order to experience the taste explosion of the world famous Whopper.

Burger King officially launches in Gauteng, next Saturday, 1 February – in Centurion, Rivonia, and at Park Station. In order to mark the occasion, the King has hidden more than 2000 uniquely numbered Whopper images on billboards, posters, balloons, digital banners, t-shirts, print ads, blogs, paintings, blimps, and other interesting places.

Take a selfie with one of these uniquely numbered images and if you’re the first person to post it to the Facebook page or tweet the brand – @BurgerKingZA – you could be smashing a Whopper in your face, for mahala.

Tip – if you’re the first person to take a selfie of your selfie in front of my selfie below (that’s proper inselfieception) and then share it to Burger King networks you’ll be a winner, wena

Whopper. In. My FACE!

For the standard grade kids, here’s the tutorial in case you couldn’t keep up…

For more info, visit this site –>, there’s also a Golden Whopper on the loose that could earn you R10K

P.S – this is a sponsored post via but I love Burger King so much I gladly would have written this in exchange for a packet of ketchup. I could eat those things for breakfast.

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