I can remember doodling logo inspiration on serviettes and notebooks in a Starbucks in West London more than five years ago.

Fast forward to 1 June 2010, Retroviral was formed out of a passion to create a new kind of communications’ agency. One that understands the demands placed on brands and their agencies by the digitally-social world, and the challenges they face in reaching out to and connecting with consumers caught in a riptide of online noise and brand clutter.

Each year, we produce a video that encapsulates our proudest moments, the highlights of the work we have concocted, launched, and seeded locally – even internationally – via social networks.

#Retrospective13 is one of our proudest moments because not only did we develop strategies that supported our clients’ business objectives over the past 12 months, we also created remarkable online videos that led to customer acquisition and measurable sales for the brands we worked with. (Thanks to Kirst and McBoyfriend for lending us their home for the location on this one. Kisses)

Our boutique agency grew by 120% last year, and we were recognised as the Small Agency of the Year at the annual PRISA PRISM Awards.

We never want to be the biggest, only the best.

We love what we do. So please share the love by blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, and giving a thumbs up to Retro the Robot’s four-minute journey, as he toasts our 2013 highs!

As always – thanks to our clients AKA friends for constantly taking the leap of faith with us. Lets jump higher and further for the rest of 2014

Credits :-

Production company: Picture Tree

Director/Story/Design/Edit: Fausto Becatti

Writer: Mike Sharman @Retroviral

DOP: Devin Tosselli

Art Director: Adi Koen

Sound Design: Sean Gunns @Rooftop Studios

Animation Titles: Ben Rausch @ Cool Your Jets Animation

Online: Sarah Kwan

Seeding: Retroviral

Special thanks to Shortstraw for allowing us permission to use one of our favourite tracks of 2013. To find more of their music online visit:




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  • mike on Feb 13th 2014 at 12:59

    Nice one Mike!

    Congrats on a sterling 4 years with great work to show for it ! Your brands are lucky to have Retroviral in their corner. 🙂


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