Converse Get out of the Garage 2014 winner

Cape Town based band, Early Hours was one of 335 bands who entered the competition this year. After three intense days of judging, Catherine Grenfell, HHP and Darryl Torr announced the Top 10 in June. Voting was then left in the hands of the public, with a total of 8746 votes cast.

Incredibly humbled to be part of the Top 10, Early Hours added, “Playing beyond our borders has always been on our bucket list, despite our love for Cape Town. Victory means sweet freedom – we’ve been trapped in this garage for far too long, and we desperately need to get out of here. We’re surviving on a diet of diesel and car tyres. It’s not healthy.”

Converse winner

The band includes: Jake Bennett – lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Adam Rothschild – lead guitar and vocals, Lood Van Niekerk – drums and vocals and Benson Joubert – Bass.

Now for the serious stuff. Are they any good? Well have a listen:

I dig that. I expect an increase in radio play and festival appearances. Nice one dudes.

For the first time in the competitions three year history, each of the Top 10 bands ventured to Johannesburg to record at the pop up Rubber Tracks in Greenside. You can visit the site here and see videos of each of the bands sharing their talent in the studio.

This served as a taste of what is to come when they head off to New York and record at the original Converse Rubber Tracks. Converse Rubber Tracks supports artistic expression by allowing musicians across all genres an opportunity to record for free and retain all the rights to their music.

The second part of their adventure will take them to Europe, where they will have the opportunity to unleash their sound on an international stage.

One lucky fan who voted for Early Hours has also won an all expenses paid trip to see them perform live. Congratulations to Paula Church who has won an all expenses paid trip to Europe to see them in action.

Fans of Early Hours can check out for updates and videos as the band jet-off to Europe and America later this year.

Stay tuned to Twitter, and follow @Converse_Africa and #GOOTG2014 for more, as Early Hours Get Out Of The Garage.

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