Holy Trinity of Marketing: Tell better stories with pictures

If you’ve heard me speak at a conference, I like to talk about something called the Holy Trinity of Marketing, quite extensively. At Retroviral, we see remarkable content sitting at the heart of everything we do. Content can take many forms – a status, a tweet, an Instagram, a YouTube video, etc. In order for content to be effectively disseminated to your target market, you need to consider how the ecosystems of PR. activation, and digital complement each other – this is the Holy Trinity.

Microsoft recently acquired Nokia. These handsets pride themselves on multiple FAB’s, but most importantly their imaging prowess. Our key insight that lead to the creation of the below video is that there is one board game that all South Africans can relate to – which they love, but can be incredibly infuriating – 30 Seconds. Why does it drive us nuts? Because we can see the picture in our head, but we sometimes struggle to find the words to describe the names on the card:

This video was posted to YouTube last week, and we worked closely with the brand’s PR agency – Fleishman Hillard – to ensure that online influencers, such as Brandslut, received a personalised, campaign board game to push the idea further into the real world:

See how Marko the designer converted the smiley faces of the 30 Seconds’ branding into two Lumia phones. Holy shit, I work with some smart people. Anyhoo, so we have a great video (digital), some supporting PR touchpoints to engage with influencers and to bring a traditional press release to life. How do we extend the campaign idea to the man and woman on the street?

Easy. We created a series of 30 Seconds’ street games, presented by brand ambassadors – Reason and Janez – where regular consumers were provided with Lumias, featuring a range of images. The presenters weren’t privy to the contents of the phone, the participants had 30 seconds to explain five images that appeared on the handsets, with the promise of prizes and new phones up for grabs. This is how the action unfolded in Jozi and Cape Town.

I’m really proud how this campaign has turned out to date, especially after it was one of those ideas that could have been culled on the pitching room floor. Thanks to Tracy / Allana / Robyn for believing in the idea, props to Wendy for writing a great concept, and for Team Best for bringing the idea to life with such an epic cast.

This is why we get out of bed in the morning. We want to create tomorrow what didn’t exist today.

Now click here and learn more about the product. Otherwise, why the fuck are we even doing this job 😉

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  • Frost on Aug 27th 2014 at 10:57

    Awesome concept, great campaign. Well done!

  • Rozzyn Boy on Aug 28th 2014 at 01:39

    Awesome stuff Retroviral!!! Love the add.

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