SA Tourism wins at working with bloggers to have the world #MeetSouthAfrica

Research shows that when tourists visit South Africa, the one thing that really stands out for them, is our people. So, what is the best way for foreign nationals to understand the awesomeness of this place we call home? It’s simple – SA Tourism encourages people to #MeetSouthAfrica.

SA Tourism is a progressive brand, in terms of earned media engagements. The brand has been working with digital publishers for several years now to distribute the word about South Africa the spectacle!

At this year’s Travel Indaba, SAT invited influencers from across the globe to experience our country and what it has to offer. From Malaysia to Miami, bloggers flocked to Durban to experience South Africa. If you haven’t been on a hot air balloon, jumped off the Orlando Towers in Soweto, or visited the Natural History Museum; you’re missing out on some of SA’s best adventures.

Three trips were planned and bloggers were split into groups based on their interests. Experiences were divided into a luxury group, a culture and heritage group, and an adventure group. Here is how the action unfolded:

Now be a good brand ambassador for your country and tell all your friends over the seas to come and visit SA. Chop, chop!

Always a pleasure working with Motion City Films on this one…

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