The Jozi Jockeys | #SANSUIsummercup

Retroviral has been appointed the digital agency to work on this year’s SANSUI Summer Cup campaign.

We were tasked with the brief to develop a creative solution to place the spotlight on Johannesburg’s premiere horse race. Countless hours and whiteboard musings later, we presented an idea that we felt encapsulated the energy and excitement of a city that we all love and call our home.

Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to present the first public viewing of the promotional video that will be available on the SANSUI Summer Cup YouTube channel and aired on Teletrack.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Jozi Jockeys…

Taxi drivers take a lot of flack, so we decided to flip things on their head and make them the stars of this piece of branded content. Would love to hear your comments, either below or via social media, using the hashtag #SANSUIsummercup. See you at the races on 29 November 2014. Click here for tickets


Agency: Retroviral

Animation Company: Aces Up Post Productions

Animator: Ed Van Blerk

Art Director/Stylist: Glynnis Harris

Brand Representative/Client: Megapro

Cinematography: Mark Strydom

Director: Mark Strydom

Editing Company: Spitfire Films

Editor: Ryan Norwood-Young

Executive Creative Strategist: Mike Sharman

Film Production Company: Spitfire Films

Post Production Facility: Spitfire Films

Producer: Cherice Whewell

Recording Studio: Hum Drum

Executive Producer: Liesl Karpinski

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