Got kids? One brand will save your life this Festive Season

M-NET Movies Family (channel 105) presented us with an awesome challenge a couple of months ago. They now have a daily feature film at 16:00 for the kids (whole family). 4pm is basically the new Sunday 8pm vibe, for Mini-Me.

Our job: To get viewers excited about this addition to the lineup and to tune in.

We know that it’s demanding having kids, especially in December. I personally have none of my own (that I know of) but we don’t just want parents dumping children in front of the TV and using the box as a digital babysitter. We want to actively entertain.

Everyday this holiday season, a new board will be revealed on the brand’s Pinterest page ( with activities such as face painting, party hats, cupcakes, you name it. Today’s theme / movie combo – The Nightmare Before Christmas.

M-NET: your digital wingman

M-NET: your digital wingman

From a TV point of view, M-NET worked with its partner – Clearwater – to develop this ad, which is currently airing on DStv. Ads with dogs FTW!

The action doesn’t end digitally. From 5-7 December at Fourways Mall (10am – 3 pm), 11-14 December at Gateway (10am-3pm), 18-21 December at V&A Waterfront next to the Amphitheatre by the kiddies’ play area, we will have dedicated entertainers – face painters, balloon artists (official title), and play doughers (amongst others) on hand to entertain the kids and provide them with additional activity boxes.

There you have it. M-NET Movies Family Channel 105 – your digital wingman this December. Go tell ALL your friends with kids, they’ll hug you hard and probably supersize the gifts they were intending on sending your way.

And here’s a TV guide for you to peruse the upcoming features and to set the PVR if need be.



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