#SlaapTiger – ‘radvertising’ or ‘are you madvertising’ ?

Love it ? Hate it? This is the latest TVC that is making South Africans LOL or anggggrrry:

[video link if you need it]

I personally love the stand up comedy of Tumi Morake and it’s encouraging to see ad agencies cast real comedians in their content. This is the first foray by Ogilvy Jozi into the Vodacom space since Ireland Davenport was shown the door. Clearly Errol was the viewers’ #SlaapTiger

This is how Vodacom contextualises it:

Vodacom’s #SlaapTiger TVC with Sinah has taken the country by storm over the last couple of weeks.

Vodacom first teased the concept by use of Influencer Marketing through Webfluential. A total of 7 social influencers were selected to share memes of what they thought was a #SlaapTiger on their social platforms.

“A Slaap Tiger is someone who is a little slow or lazy, who doesn’t keep up with the pack, and who takes shortcuts instead of the most effective routes.”


There was no reference of Vodacom or Sinah at the time of the teaser campaign, so the audience that was reached had no idea about Vodacom’s involvement in the campaign.

Stephanie Be, The Book of Swag, Tech Girl, Just Curious, Live Mag, Epyk Living and  Fana the Purp all sparked that online talkability and ultimately reached 468 456 people with their content according to Webfluential reports. Soon, people caught on with the trend and started creating their own #SlaapTiger memes.

The Main campaign began a week later, with the help of a TVC – Introducing Sinah.

In the TVC, Sinah is popular and loveable. Her peers envy her carefree, trendy sense of style and the fact that she is always connected to the world around her. She also has a great sense of humour and can be a little bit cheeky in her demeanour. She is on the Vodacom network and takes full advantage of the benefits at her disposal. Her favourite catch phrase is ‘Slaap Tiger’.

Influencer Marketing was again key in this phase, influencer who teased the campaign created content around the TVC and wrote blog posts as well as shared the content on social media.

The main objective of the campaign was for Vodacom to re-affirm their position as being South Africa’s best network, to re –connect with their customers and achieve brand love.

The red network took a bit of a beating on social yesterday for the down time experienced in the Gauteng region – some unfortunate timing considering the key messages of this campaign, but besides for that hiccup, what do you think of the comms’ angle? Love it, hate it or are you considering your ‘contract buy-out options’ from other networks?

Comment or tweet me. Keen to hear your views

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  • Nikki Melless on Jun 25th 2015 at 02:24

    While I appreciate the build-up and the use of Webfluential and influencers to create a hype around their campaign the actual advert is beyond irritating. The fact that it airs so regularly adds to the fact that it is so frustrating.
    It has created talkability (we even spoke about it at dinner last night) however the tone was overwhelmingly negative.

  • Ryan on Jun 26th 2015 at 11:05

    It makes me want to tear out my eyes and stuff them into my ears

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