The big smoke

If you are 18 years old, two things are certain – you don’t know a world without Facebook and you have never seen an advertising campaign for cigarettes.

21 October 2015 – as we know – is the exact date that Marty McFly traveled to in the second installment of the Back to the Future franchise and true to life imitating art, we do indeed have electric vehicles and even hoverboards (courtesy of Lexus). We even have electric cigarettes.

Twisp is a brand that you have probably engaged with at activation level – either at the airport or at a mall counter. If you visit this link, you will be able to experience an interactive narrative of three characters – the archetypes of the three different product offerings. When the video plays, you have the ability to toggle through the worlds of three different people by hitting ‘A, S, or E’

Watch the videos here

I’m not a smoker and don’t condone smoking, but Twisp has approached me to ask my opinion of its creative execution and I’m keen to have a conversation around smoking.

Do you or your friends smoke / still smoke? Are e-cigarettes cool within your social circle.

Let me know – either via the comments below or tweet me @MikeSharman.


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  • ncallegari on Oct 28th 2015 at 01:01

    Declaration: I’m not a smoker but I have tried out (read had a few puffs on) an eCig out of curiosity and disliked it. I’m just so concerned about the lack of (A) credible research around the the effects of vaping on the body/health and (B) the lack of transparency from most (not all but most) eCig makers around what they actually put in their liquids. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine are reportedly largely harmless, but what makes up the flavourings worries me. Especially those cheap disposable models and eHookahs you buy at corner cafes and smoke shops. Probably where a company like Twisp can differentiate itself. Be open and transparent about your ingredients to start with.

  • Mark on Oct 30th 2015 at 09:45

    Declaration: I am a vaper. Never been a smoker, but I love vaping for the flavors/hobby.

    Twisp, IMO, leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many who try it. Their product is not great and as a result, they write of ‘vaping’ as a whole.

    Wonderful that they give people who are trying to give up smoking, an alternative. But unfortunately their sub-par product offerings do more harm than good. A number of my friends who smoke, all have a Twisp – they never use it. Bought it because they liked the idea, stopped using it because they didn’t like the product.

    There’s a plethora of available options for those who’re giving up on the stinkies… There’s close to 300 e-juice flavors/variants available in South Africa, and masses of options for vaping devices.

  • Peter on Oct 31st 2015 at 08:42

    Vaping saves lives – ask any ex-smoker (such as myself) who tried every conceivable way to stop smoking and failed…until vaping came along.

    I haven’t smoked once (not even just for giggles) in 15 months (to the day) after being a very heavy smoker for 21 years. I tried (and failed) giving up many many times prior to switching to vaping. Since I’ve switched to vaping I feel like a new person – I haven’t felt this good (health wise) since before I started smoking. I’ve personally not had any ill effects from vaping and will (and do) thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants a way to be rid of the cigarettes and the damage they do to our bodies.

    As Mark commented above, Twisp is unfortunately not the ideal way (in my experience at least) to start vaping. The vaping industry, which has come under fire recently, is booming and there are many wonderful devices to choose from. We also have a rapidly expanding e-liquid market filled with masterfully crafted local products in just about any flavour you can imagine.

    Vaping saves lives, it has saved mine and it can save yours – if you’re a smoker, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a “proper” try. I’m involved in this industry so I will not add any links or recommendations, but a simple search will show you just how big this industry is and there are multiple forums around for those who have questions.

    As an afterthough, there are many studies out there showing the “harmful effects” of vaping – these studies have ALL been debunked by proper scientific studies performed by people who understand vaping and have repeated these studies in the correct way (i.e. without bias). Vaping is not the big bad wolf some are trying to make it out to be (their motivations for doing so are varied) – the (real) proof is out there, so don’t believe all the scary headlines you may read, do your own research and you’ll be amazed.

  • Beertjie_Pta on Oct 31st 2015 at 09:48

    Declaration: I am a vaper. Use to be a smoker for many, many years.

    I also started out with a Twisp many moons ago and also didn’t have the best experience at that time, I am not talking about their products today as I have no personal experience with the current Twisp, and as such went back to smokes.

    Now today I am on more advanced systems and love the vape. As far as health goes, I am healthier than I was when I was a smoker, no more shortness of breath, coughs or any of those things as I had when I was a smoker.

    Sure there might be the odd thing still bad about vaping, but compared to smoking it doesn’t even compare.

    The only down side with vaping is that there are too man great juices and devices that you will never be satisfied with just one.

  • CDS on Oct 31st 2015 at 10:00

    I am a vaper. 3 Months ago I gave up smoking after 25+ years. I have not looked back and have not craved smoking since, even when exposed to family and friends who do smoke. I was one of the fortunate ones who did not start off with a Twisp product and as such saved money and frustration. From what I have been told and read in forums, for Twisp the idea is great, the products look great but they aren’t great and after sales service is non existent. Those who would like to give up smoking and use vaping as the escape should do some research and join the online forums (2 very good local forums exist with a great supportive community). I mention Twisp because many have attempted to stop smoking because of them and many have gone back to stinkies simply because of them. Do research before you buy. The facts are that vaping is not 100% but it is 95% safer than smoking. First prize is do neither.

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