Gwara of a Nation

Everywhere we turn in South Africa, there is someone throwing shade at another. From the red and blue politicians to those in green and gold, to the AKA-Pearl-Bonang-Euphonik-Zinhle social soapie; the beef is unavoidable.

It isn’t just people, it’s also service providers. From the grudge spend of banking to the complicated bundling of telco bills, there are far too many situations where we – as consumers – become the butt of a corporate joke.

MiWay is committed to gwara-free insurance and as a result, has launched as it believes that you shouldn’t let your insurance gwara you, instead you should gwara nama outie / mates /chinas. Every gwara generated will place you in a draw to win tickets to the country’s best stand up comedy events.

SA’s force majeure on the stand up comedy circuit is Mpho Popps, who has become synonymous with MiWay campaigns as the face of the brand and the individual leading the spearhead for insurance freedom, through the line of communication:

To prove the commitment to gwara-free insurance, MiWay has launched two benefits to financially empower its customers:

  • * Get your average premium back after 3 months – if you buy your insurance online
  • * You get R1000 back on your claim if you lodge it via the brand’s app

For those of you who still prefer some good old-fashioned, online, banter, has a meme generator where you can choose from a list of 16 gwaras – enough shade throwing options to support any twars for the remainder of 2016.

Not only does MiWay offer insurance, it copywrites a mean gwara:

1. Visit, enter the name of the person you want to gwara, select your gwara.


2. Preview your gwara and then share it to Twitter or Facebook.


Easy. Now go forth and gwara!

*Ts and Cs apply, check out for more info

Site: Wonderland Collective

Video production: 10th Street Media

Digital agency: Retroviral

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