Coca-Cola is the colour of Christmas.

Before Coke was invented, Santa Claus had appeared in illustrations and books wearing a scarlet coat. It is true, however, that from 1930 onwards, the brand played a major role in shaping the big, jolly, Santa character that we know and love today.

Here’s a slick use of packaging that continues to drive the brand association with the Festive Season, as seen on the local Instagram account. Very clever.


It is one brand that has continued to evolve through the decades, is entwined in billions of lives, globally, and is constantly innovating to ensure it remains current.

The latest TTL campaign focuses on the primary brand as well as the three other variants – Light, Zero and the new addition, Life.





So, what’s your take on these flava flaves? Original, Life, Light, Zero – what’s your weapon of thirst-quenching choice this summer?

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